Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Love My Camera

I have a minimal understanding of how to use my Cannon PowerShot S5 digital camera but in spite of my ineptness, it takes beautiful photos like these.

I wanted to take a photo of this Lilly that had just bloomed in one of my flower beds and as I zoomed in I noticed the yellow jackets busy doing what yellow jackets do. I was also stunned at the amazing color combination going on.

The texture was also incredible. The darker dots on the Lilly are actually raised up like hairs or thorns and you can see that in the photos. The vibrant orange pollen on the stamens is very thick and looks stunning against the fuchsia of the Lilly.

Thanks make me look good!


  1. Thank you so much for posting about your camera! I have been shopping for a new one and any info I can get about a camera helps. Your photos are amazing! I'm definitely going to look at the PowerShot now!

  2. The thermos vases are adorable! About your photos...Give yourself a little credit. A camera is only a tool, and can really only be given credit for the clarity of the photos. I am a professional photographer, and while you may not understand how the camera and compostion are 90% of what makes a great shot and the photographer is always responsible for those.