Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebrating Fall (a bit early)

Summer is not my favorite season. I know, to some of you that statement is sacrilegious but I really love fall. Not that there aren't some wonderful aspects of summer, like, huckleberries, lilacs, jet skiing, peaches, fresh corn on the cob, sandals, toenail polish, zinnias and sun flowers. There are also some not so good aspects of summer, for instance, heat, sweat, and bugs. Heat makes me feel lethargic, unmotivated, and crabby. I have fair skin and while I used to bake in the sun to get that perfect summer glow I no longer want to risk my life for a tan. So usually toward the end of August I start feeling fall in the air and it makes me wish for summer to be over. I love the colors of fall and the cool nights and sunny warm days. I enjoy fall foods and the chance to eat anything made of pumpkin. It's funny that I actually could eat as much pumpkin as I want all year but for some reason it is most enjoyable in the fall. I enjoy decorating for fall and the opportunity to use orange in abundance in my color scheme. Because I live with a summer lover I feel guilty wishing summer away so I usually try to rally towards the end but I am secretly wishing for a sweater a good book and a bowl of soup. I was inspired by Jerusalem over at My Little Life who feels the same way I do and just decided to be done with summer and bake pumpkin bread. So I decided to do a little celebrating myself and ordered my favorite candy in the world, pumpkin truffles from Sweet Shop USA ...... a fantastic way to start the fall season!

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