Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hi, My Name Is Cindy........

I'm not sure how comfortable I am revealing this little secret about myself but I am addicted to magazines. There I said it. It all started in my childhood years. Now, I am not blaming my mom....I have made my own choices. No one put a gun to my head and forced me to purchase magazines (they wouldn't have to) but I did grow up with a mom who had a bit of a problem herself (sorry mom for outing you but you know it's true)!

I grew up in a home where furniture was always moved around and color schemes were changed on a regular basis. When I came home from school chances were that something had been painted or re-painted and a new outfit for me or one of my sisters had been completed. I am grateful for being raised by a creative mom. I know that she must have been inspired by many articles and photos that she found in those magazines that she purchased so many years ago.

I am equally inspired by beautiful photos of other peoples living spaces and their creative ideas. It is my all -time favorite way to relax....sipping ice-tea while looking at decorating and craft magazines. The magazine industry, especially the decorating magazine industry, has been very adversely effected by the recession and so many have stopped production. I was very pleased to See that Ki over at junkcamp.blogspot.com and her friend Matthew Mead are starting a new magazine called, Flea Market Style. I wish them much success. So, while there are not as many magazines out there as there used to be there are a multitude of amazingly talented bloggers who share wonderful photos and ideas that inspire me daily. Thank goodness for that!

Okay, so this is a red trunk I have in my basement that is , guess what......

filled with magazines!

So is the bottom

shelf of this cupboard in

the guest bedroom.

And the bottom shelf of this bookcase in the office.

You can read about this new publication over at, junkcamp.blogspot.com.

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  1. Oh that's so funny! Did you cry when they stopped publishing Home Companion? (I got a little choked up : )