Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flower Power

When I watch TV I always need to be doing something constructive. It may be looking through magazines for ideas or inspiration or I may sort through the mail that has piled up, put some paperwork in order or make lists. Recently I have found Kanzashi flowers to be perfect for a TV watching project. Kanzashi Flowers, according to Wikipedia, are Japanese hair ornaments. They obviously have so many other creative prospects. I found a video tutorial at, womansday.com/bloom, that was easy to understand. I did watch the tutorial about 3 times but after that I could whip a flower out in no time. I made this cute burlap pillow with a cluster of 3 Kanzashis. I finished it off with a vintage yoyo, button and earring. I have the book, Kanazashi In Bloom, on my wish list at Amazon. Diane Gilleland, the author has a website that looks helpful and fun and full of other ideas for the flowers. My next Kanzashi project will be large petals made out of paper to form flowers that I can hang from the ceiling for parties or just for fun!


  1. Those are so cute...and you could do them for so many projects..just love them! Creativity must run in your blood. I've been decorating for Fall,come see! :D

  2. Hello! What a wonderful blog you have! I know what you mean about keeing hands busy! Your pillow turned out so cute and I love the flowers...almost like the fabric yo yo's I have made for years!