Sunday, May 17, 2009

Since she mentioned it....

I thought I would show you my milk glass myself... This is what I've been collecting for at least five years now, and will continue to collect my whole life, I'm sure. I know I could buy them new, or find amazingly unique pieces on Ebay and Etsy, but that would defeat the whole purpose. The thrill is in the unexpected find. Each one I have stumbled upon, or rather they have stumbled upon me. Each piece was rescued from an unloving garage sale. Or was abonded at an Estate Sale. Or given away to be sold at Value Village. Now they are loved and cherished, and can have a Happy Ending.

I am much like my mother. I can't resist a yard sale sign. I get happy when I walk into our house and realize it smells a little Vintage. If I can't sleep at night, I come up with ways to rearrange furniture and think of new decorating ideas..... However.... She likes her stuff, and she likes it displayed everywhere. (to clarify: It is beautiful, but I have to have purpose and simplicity).I cannot handle that amount of things without a purpose. I don't display my milk glass as pictured above. A few of it is displayed together, but most is used around my room and bathroom with a purpose. Such as these two pictures. Using one to hold my favorite PrismaColor colored pencils and the other as an organizational tool in my bathroom. (YAY for organization and multi-purpose collections!!!) I used a vintage green glass cake plate and put the milk glass on top (along with soaps and everyday things) One is filled with cotton pads, another with Q-Tips and another for holding my headbands.

I'm all about having beautiful things and having collections, but even better is to make the beautiful things in my life also useful.

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