Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Senior Prom was a smashing success!! What a fun group of kids. Many of these kids have been friends for years. What a great way to celebrate their upcoming graduation with a great evening all dressed up and having fun. It was fun to watch the whole process from mannies, peddies, and car washing in the morning to hair, makeup, and photos in the afternoon. Even the after prom party was a huge success with a movie projected on a huge white sheet in the upper level of the barn with Christmas lights twinkling in the background. Great memories and the photos to prove it.

The whole gang!

Amanda and her guy!

Look at those colors!


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  1. Hi Cindy, it was fun meeting you today at The Sisters Sale, how fun was that!!! Your kids pics are awesome... what a good looking group, you must be proud. Looking forward to seeing you and The Farm Chicks Show!!!! Glad and Celia, Junebug Furniture and Design