Saturday, March 6, 2010

Princesses, Mermaids and Fairies

So, I saw on the news the other day that there are parents around the country who are putting on these huge birthday bashes for their kids. Kind of like mini weddings. True! They hire event coordinators and spend literally thousands of dollars on entertainment, decorations and food. The reason why this subject was newsworthy was because the economy is causing some interference with these parents checkbooks. Some are no longer able to afford such lavishness and are troubled by their predicament. They evidently don't know how to have a good old fashioned cake and balloons birthday party. I saw these adorable party supplies at Meri Meri and thought maybe they could help. Not ordinary, but not over the top either. And affordable! The little themed cupcake liners are especially cute. I don't know why I have a fascination with cute cupcake liners because I don't even like cake. Did I say that outloud? I'm just not a cake lover unless it's cheesecake and then I'm all over it.

These are princess and fairy centerpieces.

They have cute boy stuff too.

And if you are throwing your cat a party they have supplies for that.

For the bride.

And, for my daughter Amanda, who has always wanted to be a mermaid! Really! Is 20 too old to have a mermaid party?

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  1. Very cute...I have seen these in stores. I think I might try and make my own for new grandson coming. Monkeys and trees!
    I will be a vendor at farmchicks this year, I hope I can do as great a job as you all have. Your inspiring.