Sunday, October 18, 2009

Steptoe Butte

My husband and I realized late Friday evening that neither one of us had any pressing obligations planned for Saturday. Let me tell you, this is odd. Usually we both have a long list of to-do's and have-to's and if one of us is even remotely free for a Saturday the other is usually not.

Something that we both love to do is get in the car and just go somewhere that we have never been before. We only had one day so our destination needed to be close. Terry has always wanted to drive to the top of Steptoe Butte and had been close on numerous occasions but never had the time to stop. So we headed out Saturday morning and the first thing we came across was a fabulous estate sale {more on that tomorrow} and after driving through the rolling hills of the Palouse area we came to Steptoe Butte. I did forget my camera which always makes me furious but I googled these images and now we can't wait to go back in the spring. It's a short drive to the top and as you can see the reward is amazing. If you are in really great shape you can hike to the top making the view even more rewarding. Most of these photos were taken by Chip Phillips who, if you google, has many beautiful photos of the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Wow, it doesn't even look real! Isn't the earth the most beautiful place? I'm so grateful that such a place was created for us..I love it every day! Come say hi :D