Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remember These?

Remember in my last post I mentioned a great estate sale that we stumbled upon on our way to Steptoe? Well this is one of the fun things that we found. Actually, Terry went down to the basement before I did and when he came back up he told me I would go "ga ga" over the basement contents. Sure enough, while I was going ga ga over an entire table of mismatched silver, he found the motherload of Raffiaware in a storage room. I haven't counted, but these pictures show maybe a third of what we brought home. To make the deal even sweeter, the set included the pitcher and ice bucket with lid! Score!!


  1. What a nice day you two must have had! I loved the dishes and was so surprised because I didn't know what they were called and I just bought 6 of the bowls at the "The Front Porch"...on the way to Colville this summer. You can have them if you want them... I just couldn't leave them at the store! :)

  2. These are SO cute..a whole set too..that would be fun to use them for a summer picnic! Lucky you! Come say hi :D