Thursday, June 18, 2009


Phenomenon: An unusual fact or occurrence
Okay, so you know when you hear a word that maybe you have never heard before or have seldom heard....and all of a sudden in the ensuing days and weeks you hear or read that word more times than you ever have in your entire life? Are you just more aware of that word for some reason? Did the word cause a memory that in turn causes you to notice it more? Or, is it just a weird phenomenon? (I know, now it will happen with the word phenomenon, just watch)

I took this photo at The Farm Chick's Show in the Kitsch Bitsch booth (sorry, but that's their name) because I thought it was cute and a very creative way to display these vintage swim caps. I haven't thought of or even seen a swim cap since I was in Jr High and had to wear them at our city pool. I remember how so very upsetting it was to go to the pool and possibly see a boy or two and having to wear an ugly swim cap that covered up my lovely locks.

So, today I was perusing blogland and what do I find? Swim caps!! A cute green one on this sweet little girl's head, although she is wearing it all wrong. The hair hanging out would have never been acceptable at the pool.

This floral stunner. Where were these caps when I needed them?

And, thinking way outside of the box, as decorations! Very interesting! Thanks to vivafullhouse for the last three photos. I'll be sure to let you know when the swim cap phenomenon ends for me.

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