Monday, June 1, 2009


I admit that one of the reasons I love summer is because it creates more room for me to decorate! I love creating fun and comfortable outdoor spaces. When we built our house we knew we wanted a porch that was right off the main living space. We wanted it to be an extension of the house, another room that we could use in the spring, summer and fall. We are so glad we made that decision. We love to eat meals on the porch, watch the summer storms pass by and do our Bible studies while watching God's Glory all around. Here are a few photos of summer at my house.
Petunias, can't have summer without them.

This chair found at a yard sale for $40.00 was going to the Farm Chick's Show but last week it won my heart and gets to stay!

Snowballs in summer!

I am trying out these daisies this summer for Amanda because she gets tired of my petunia obsession.

More petunias...and every girl should have a pair of these, polka-dot rain boots for the garden. Happy summer!

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