Friday, April 24, 2009

Living Proof Live---Portland

We spent last weekend in Portland with the
Hair girls and many women from our church
at the LPM Beth Moore event. We decided to
fly (great choice) instead of riding on the bus
for 6 hours. When we landed we realized that
none of us really knew where our hotel was
located and even worse didn't know where the
event was being held! We thought we heard
someone mention the Rose Quarter so we got on
the Max and headed that direction. Thankfully
a very nice man showed us how to get tickets for
the Max!

This is a perfect example of how great cell phones
and Google Maps are because we just called Mr.
Hair back in Spokane and he gave us directions
and the hotel phone number.

We had a great time and were so blessed by
Beth's teaching. We always love her honest and real
life approach to teaching God's Word. We also loved,
loved, Travis and the worship team. I have been singing
those tunes ever since. We were so glad that Amanda
and Sara got to attend their first Beth Moore live event.
God was awsome!!

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