Monday, April 20, 2009

Amanda and I joined our friends, Sarah and Michelle, for a quick trip to Portland this weekend to attend a Beth Moore live event. Beth is our favorite Bible teacher and we love her and her teaching. This was an especially sweet trip for us because Amanda and Sarah had never been to see Beth live. I'll blog about the trip later because Amanda has the camera in her purse and she has gone to visit Amber tonight but I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home that I want to share with you. Over the years my sweet husband has come to realize that I just love junk. Occasionally he doesn't get it but for the most part he not only gets it but he participates and I think, enjoys it! I have been the happy recipient of many wonderful "treasures" as he calls them, including a beautiful chandelier that a customer didn't want anymore, old windows, doors, and chairs and when I opened the garage door when I got home from Portland I found this amazing little white dresser just waiting for me. What a sweet guy!

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