Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Show Photos

Wow, what a weekend! Here are some photos of our space at the Farm Chick's Show. Amanda and I want to thank all of our fabulous customers who were so kind, thoughtful and patient, especially during the big rush on Saturday. You make us smile. Hope you all enjoy your new treasures.


  1. It was so nice to meet you this past weekend! You had such a gorgeous booth. I hope you had great success. Keep it up with that healthy lifestyle (I'm getting back to mine today) and congrats on the weight loss. You look great!
    Did you sell that wonderful tufted queen headboard?


  2. I loved your booth at Farm Chicks!

  3. Hi Cindy ,
    I hope you had a great show. Your booth was darling
    I'll see you next year - its our favorite show to do ( except its 7 hours away :0)

  4. Hi there! I just wanted you to know I've included some of your lovely items on my blog post about The Farm Chicks Show. You were deffinately one of our favorite booths!!! Nicely done you!!! Hope you did well, and hope to see you next year! :o)


    P.S. Check out my link to Flickr to see your photos there too!! Hope you get lots of click throughs for them....and some business! :o)

  5. Really, Your booth was so lovely...and your ideas were fabulous. Great job! I am following you now so I can see what you're up to between shows.

    Trish :o)

  6. You girls did SUCH an AMAZING job on your booth! It was beautiful! I only wish there had been time to visit at the show.... but we were all so busy. Next year? lol

    Deb @ Retreat

  7. I came from southern California to go to the show and saw your booth. It was gorgeous!! Of course I didn't know it was you, but had an idea that maybe it was because of the 'Happy Endings' lettering in the frame! I wish I could have told you in person how enjoyable your blog is and your photography is beautiful, too. Hope you had a successful show.
    Also, congrats on your previous post! That's incredibly hard work and I think that may have also had something to do with me not recognizing you at the show-you look so different from your picture. Good luck with your next goal!

  8. Those alphabets on the chair that reads "art"........LOVE!

  9. Your booth is fantastic! Love the head board!