Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peanut's Amazing Adventure

 This is the amazing and true story about a girl and her beloved stuffed blue elephant named Peanut.

This is a photo of my dear friend Claire, myself, and of course, Peanut. I met Claire at our new church about 13 years ago when she was just learning to walk. She aquired Peanut when she was 2 years old and he has been her steady friend ever since.

Claire and her family and Peanut moved away from Spokane several years ago but we keep in touch and Claire and Peanut come and stay with us once a year or so. We always look forward to her visit. Claire is not only beautiful but sweet as candy!

Claire has always taken Peanut with her wherever she goes. He has been on many adventures to Disneyland and Sea World and has even been to Germany. But nothing can compare to his latest adventure!

While Claire is in school each day Peanut waits patiently in the family car for her to return for him. One day, a couple of weeks ago, Peanut accidently fell out of the car and into the high school parking lot where Claire's sister Allie goes to school. No one noticed poor Peanut as they drove off!  That same night Claire woke at midnight in a panic looking for Peanut but he was no where to be found.  After much searching the next day and many phone calls to the school and elsewhere, Claire's mom, Julie, placed an ad in their local paper.

Claire was devestated. She and Peanut have been together for 12 years. She loves Peanut so much that she wants him to be the ,"something blue" at her wedding. Peanut was out there somewhere, afraid and all alone.

About a week after the ad was placed, a man named Don called Claire's home and had some amazing information about Peanut. Don had been working at the high school on the lighting for the play, The King and I. He came out to his car one night and found a stuffed blue elephant sitting on the front of his car. He wasn't sure why it was there but put it in his back window hoping that the person who lost it might see it. So, Peanut rode around with Don for about a week. Don then decided to head to Canada to visit some friends. Peanut went with him. The day before Don was to come home, his car slid on a patch of ice and ended up in a lake. Don managed to get out of the car uninjured but the car sank with all of it's contents. Peanut was now at the bottom of a very cold lake! When Don managed to get back home, a friend had clipped out the add about the lost blue elephant for him. Believing that the elephant that had been riding around with him was indeed Peanut he called his friend in Canada and asked if she would go down to the wrecking yard and see if she could rescue Peanut. The friend agreed and found Peanut wedged under a seat and covered in mud. She took him home, washed him on the gentle cycle and fluffed him up. Peanut had been saved! Don called Claire's mom and told her the unbelievable story and said that his friend would bring Peanut home on Saturday. Peanut is now safe at home with Claire thanks to a few great people that took the time to care. There really are great people out there and a God who cares about every detail of our lives!  You can read the entire story with more details in the Wenatchee World.


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