Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hand Stamped Ribbon

We have had these old wooden thread spools around for years and have finally found a great purpose for them. I hand stamped ribbon with different designs and wound them around the spools. They look like candy to me! There is about one yard of ribbon on each spool, enough to embellish a small gift, tie in a little girl's hair or use on a scrapbooking layout. I don't think that I would actually want to use the ribbon because they make such a pretty display. The shelf that the spools are displayed in was a great find at a garage sale many years ago also. This poor little shelf has never found a place to call it's own in my home so it has spent most of it's life in the storage room in the basement. When I was thinking of a way to display the spools I knew just the perfect fit. Now this little shelf has a purpose. And yes, if you are wondering, I do often display emotions toward inanimate objects; can't help it. I'm sure there is a diagnosis for my condition and probably a help group but I don't want help! Some of these spools will be for sale at The Farm Chick's Show, but only if they are going to a good home!

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